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Prof. Microneedling – Aknenarben – schlaffer Haut u. Anti-Aging

Prof. Microneedling – Aknenarben – schlaffer Haut u. Anti-Aging

Nanopore Stylus is for professional use, cutaneous microneedling, electrical device for the treatment of wrinkles, atrophic scars, hipo- and hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and alopecia. The equipment includes a digital control unit, a handpiece made of aluminum with a pistol shaped ergonomic handle and a sterile single-use titanium needles module.

Competitive advantages

For your patients

  • Practical: it is a fast and convenient treatment; no need for anesthesia
  • Painless: recovery time, discomfort and epidermal trauma are minimal thanks to its adjustable needle depth and speed
  • Fewer complications: the end point is erythema, no pin-point bleeding, and is much faster thanks to the speed of needles (50-150 pulses per second); the depth of needles is adjusted at 0.5 mm (enough to stimulate collagen)


Why Nanopore Stylus?

The Stylus is an ancient writing instrument, revolutionary at the time: a rod which consisted of a sharp end to inscribe letters on a wax-covered tablet and a blunt end to erase them.

Nanopore Stylus also means a new beginning, a technological breakthrough at the service of dermatology with which Mediderma intends to revolutionise skincare.

Nanopore Stylus is extremely versatile, allowing the specialist to “inscribe” and customize Mediderma treatments (firming, moisturizing, exfoliating and skin rejuvenation) in order to adapt to the specific needs of each patient’s skin.



• Elastizitätsverlust der Haut im Gesicht, am Hals und am Dekolletee
• Straffung der Haut am Dekolletee
• eingesunkene Narben
• Dehnungsstreifen
• zusätzliche Wirkung bei der Behandlung der Hyperpigmentierung

40 Min | Ab 240CHF




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